I make babies, whats your superpower?

Friday, September 17, 2010

ch chhh chhh changes

Big changes are coming my way. BIG changes....

My cuddler, my sweetheart, my easy easy easy child, my BABY is now crawling. My baby. It still melts my heart everytime to see her going, because shes like a new baby learning how to walk with her crawling, she falls over, and splats face first into the floor, and tries so hard, and everytime she finally gets where she wanted to she looks at me with the biggest grin to make sure I was watching. Oh I love that kid. So now that shes crawling, she has also mastered getting herself into the sit up position. And since shes been able to pull up on things for a little while now, now that she can do the two things that were supposed to come BEFORE pulling up, she can actually put it to use. Every morning when i go to get her up she is standing in her crib smiling just waiting for me. Brooklynn says momma, dada, and byebye. I think she is trying to say quack too because shes always gotten really excited to hear a duck quack on a cartoon, or if we say quack to her she laughs so hard. So recently when she hears quack she says cack a few times.

As much as i wanted her to start crawling, a part of it saddens me. When Bryleigh started crawling, it was all over... Her baby-ness was over. She was crawling, and soon after was walking, and now shes almost 2 going on 20. Brooklynn is mommas little baby... I just cant believe she is getting so big so fast. I feel like I just had her. Soon she will figure out that with her newfound ability to crawl she can get into everything... soon after that she will be walking, and talking...

Todays Funny Story:

The other day brooklynn was sitting by the kitchen watching me cook. Bryleigh had on footy pajamas that were slippery on the kitchen floor. She ran through the living room and into the kitchen and wiped out. She fell down so hard just right on her butt. While Bryleigh found this to be a terrible traumatic experience, Brooklynn thought it was HILARIOUS. Brooklynn laughed SO hard, like ive never heard her laugh before. I was trying so hard to console Bryleigh but couldnt help but laugh a little at Brooklynns amazing "little sister" ability.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Today... a typical Friday?

Not even close.......

Tonight was about as close to an adventure as we ever have in our household... Once you get passed all the chasing, changing, feeding, playing, crying and laughter that goes on with having two small kids in the house, life around here is pretty boring... I like boring.. Boring is routine and predictable, boring is always safe..

Today was different from the very beginning, wes was off work...

Once a year Independence Missouri has this huge fair called Santi Caligon.. It is a celebration of Independence Missouri being the starting point of the Oregon Trails. Its this huge even with TONS of venders that sell the crafts/clothes/food they make, concerts, a carnival, and TONS of yummy food. It is jam packed, and a ton of fun. I love the feel of the small town life that it brings about. Everyone is happy and acts like they all know each other there. People travel a long way to come to this thing, and it is by far one of the coolest events ive ever been to.. It goes on for 4 days.

It opened at noon today, so we made sure to get there right at noon to walk the tents and have a good time at santa cali gon. I bought a casserole in a bag for chicken almond casserole, and a steak/chicken rub that tasted pretty delish. They had a lot of cute baby things, but I am too cheap for the stuff they were selling at such high prices.

We got home at 2 in time for my nieces to get here. I have been having a lot of trouble with the youngest niece Nova who is almost 7 months old. She has been exclusively breastfed since birth and is now getting switched to bottle fed which she is not liking very much. She was pretty much refusing to eat at all the past few times I have had her, so she screams forever. She is a very loud screamer also.. So if I have got 3 out of the 4 babies to sleep, and she starts to scream, the whole house wakes up. This happens everytime she is here and it makes me cry. Well today she did really well. She only screamed for about 30 minutes instead of 2 hours, and took a really good nap. She even drank a little of her bottle.

After the girls left is when our adventure began. I cooked dinner, and then asked wes if he wanted to go to the local bowling alley because they were having 99 cent games. We went and bowled 2 games and it only cost us 4 dollars to bowl. I thought we were having such a great family outting. Bryleigh did great at the bowling alley, she walked back and forth with us while we bowled yellling HOORAY, YAHOO, or OH NO if we missed.

We got to the car to leave with our two babies, and found out that wes had locked the keys in the car. We called OnStar and they couldnt help us because we never activated it. This was rough. We had our two babies, and we were stuck at this ghetto place at nighttime with no car. ArGH!
A while later we were rescued by Wes' brother and we came to the house to get our extra key.

This is why i like routine.... Crazy stuff always happens when we try to take the girls out. Next time I will know to just stay home and play parcheesi.