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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I think its that time..

Its been a while since my last post... I have a few minutes now to myself for a change, and figure i would update my blog.

THis has been such a busy summer... May 31st was our anniversary and Wes and I took a 4 day trip to Los Angeles to celebrate. We try to do that once a year where just him and I get away for a few days alone... We love our kids, and the minute we are away from them we miss them like crazy and they are all we talk about, but I think the time alone for the two of us is important too.

In June we went to Florida so that my dad and Florida family could meet Brooklynn, and see us and bryleigh as well. It went okay. I really enjoyed seeing my step sister Kayla. I hope one day we can see each other more.

In July I went to Virginia with Brooklynn for a week. I loved this trip. I missed bryleigh SOOOO bad it was rough, but great to see friends and family at home.

In August Bryleigh and I went to Delaware to see the girls from olive branch play in the little league world series!!! I was SO proud of those girls. What an accomplishment!

Next week the four of us finally all get to take a trip together. We are going to Branson Missouri for 4 days just to relax and spend time together as a family. I look forward to the pool time, and taking Bryleigh to the aquarium so she can see the "shishies" thats what she calls fish.

It has been a busy, eventful summer. I have had a lot of fun, but look forward to the weather cooling off and routine coming back our way. My girls have really gotten older and smarter this summer.

Bryleigh has so many words added to her vocabulary each day. She pee pees on the potty every now and then. Not consistently, but i think she is getting it. She is still young so i am not forcing anything, just let her decide when she wants to. I ask her every couple hours if she has to use the potty.. Sometimes she says yes, sometimes she ignores me. She is sweet and has become a lot more loving towards Brooklynn. When brooke cries bryleigh tries to give her cuddles and kisses to make it all better.

Brooklynn has really been starting to do things lately. In the last couple of weeks she has started to get up on all fours, pulls up on her crib bars and stands, gets herself to a sitting up position, and rolls allllllll over the place.. she rolls wherever she wants to go. and she is quick too. She now says momma and dada, and is still as sweet as she can be.

Wes is still working crazy long hours, and even working all day today which is a saturday. blah. I cant wait til we can be on a ship again..

Well, thats all I got... Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer!

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