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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my new blog

So i figured id start a blog. I've been thinking about it for a while. I dont really care if anyone reads it because really, I understand that my life is kinda boring lol. But i do have a lot to say most days, about random things, and with none of my friends being even in this section of the country i dont really have anyone to talk to from 8am until 8pm at night with Wes' work schedule. So it feels good to just type anything out on my mind and think maybe someone is reading it, therefore someone is listening.

So tomorrow is a big day for my family. With interest rates as low as they are we made the decision to refinance our house for a lower interest rate. This will actually save us hundreds of dollars per month because we decided to do a cash out refi and pay off our SUV. At first to us we werent sure about this idea. Because who wants to refinance a house and add a car to that loan, and then take 30 years just to pay off a car..... Well we do. Because our long term goal, is to sell this house in 3 years when we move... so therefore it wont take 30 years :) My husband bought this house before we were married. He paid 34,000 dollars for a 3 bedroom 2 bath foreclosure.. Pretty much a steal. Our mortgage was only 215 a month, and with the refi and the new interest rate, it didnt even go up very much. I dont even know of any 1 bedroom trailers you can live in for 215 a month so it was definitely a great purchase on his part :) I married a real winner!! Anyways, so this house had a whole lot of positive equity so we decided to tap into a little of it and i am really happy about our decision.

and for other news...

Bryleigh is in that "toddler squealing stage".... She can be perfectly content, mad, sad, happy, excited, it doesnt matter, she will let out this glass breaking squeal just for the heck of it. I'm assuming its just her way of expressing herself, and communicating, but boy is it annoying sometimes. I started telling her no when she would do it, but that didnt get us anywhere. So the past couple weeks i have been taking a different approach. Instead of telling her no I try to pretend she actually made a sentence, and just go with it. Like if shes playing with her blocks, i say "oh thats pretty what you made" etc.... trying to help her learn to TALK not squeal in a calm way by showing her how we communicate properly.... I'm probably going about my parenting all wrong... i accept that everyday. But who really has it exactly right?

Bryleigh threw a temper tantrum today at the mall. Her first real temper tantrum. I took her to the mall to play in the play area and she did NOT want to leave.... As i was trying to put her back in the stroller she arched her back and screamed and wiggled... ugh it was rough. I was so embarassed it took everything i had not to laugh. Instead i ignored her, strapped her in and off we went. I probably burned 1000 calories just trying to get her back in the daggon stroller. When we got home we went right to naptime. There is a reason i have just started ignoring her instead of trying to tell her no no constantly.

first off- telling bryleigh no no just means "do it again" in her head. or "im going to look mommy right square in the eyes and do it anyways"

second off- if i ignore her, she stops.. because usually she is trying to get attention. Even though she gets CONSTANT attention.

and third, and most importantly- there is no reasoning with a 1 year old.

Anyways, thats my thoughts for the day. Goodnight.

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