I make babies, whats your superpower?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today is that big day ive been talking about.... We are closing on our refi today at 5 and i am stoked...

Afterwards i was going to make this big seafood dinner.. instead i thought that sushi sounded good, so we will be going out for that intead :) so no cooking and no dishes for me!

I pretty much really look forward to nap time. My day is soooo full of changing diapers, feeding babies, playing with babies that i do look forward to that down time.. Well bryleigh isabella has been refusing these naps lately. She will stay in her crib and talk and laugh and talk and talk and even if i let her stay in there for an hour she will keep playing. and so i finally get her up and she plays for a while then she is SOOO grouchy.. i dont know what to do about this. i feel like she is being neglected if she is in her crib awake so i wont leave her in there..

Well its gonna be a great weekend.. daddy will be home soon, and he is off tomorrow so its a 3 day weekend :) We are going to play pickup ball tomorrow at 10 with some navy guys. That will be some good exercise..

and then tomorrow at 1:30 i am going to check out the school i will be going to...

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