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Friday, November 4, 2011

My where the years have gone...

Its been a while since I updated.. A really.long.while. Like, I've had a whole other baby long while...

Brycen Maddox Kastner was born on 8/8 at 12:44 a.m. I feel like it was just yesterday, but my sweet boy is already almost 3 months old!!!!!! He smiles, he laughs, he rolls over from tummy to back.. He's all full of tricks! He is still very much like a newborn though, still very wobbly holding his head up, still sleeps alllllll the time, not very much eye contact.. He was 5 weeks early, so i'm sure that plays a part in it :)

Bryleigh and Brooklynn have spent their days trying to discover what else they can get into :) They have turned into quite the little team. When they arent fighting, they are very quietly working together to deviate a plan that will cause mommy the biggest heart attack. I really think that they put a lot of thought into their plans. Like stacking boxes on top of each other so that they can reach the top of the kitchen counter, to get the cookie jar, regardless of how the cookie jar comes down, and cracks, they will get the cookies, together. Eh, at least they are learning teamwork right?
Brooklynn is talking a lot now. Pretty good sentences. I cant believe she will be 2 in December! The time really does fly by.
Bryleigh never stops talking. She talks like shes 15. ME- "Bryleigh its time to take a nap" her -"Umm, no thanks"....ho hum...

Our lives are about to change drastically. We are only a few months away from moving back to Virginia. Hubby took orders to the Eisenhower, which is in Norfolk. I am thrilled. I am sad for deployments, but other than that, i am THRILLED. I cant wait to buy our new house in January. I cant wait to see the last box go into the moving truck. I cant wait to get in that car and honk the horn when we are cross the state line and smile because I know that I dont have to return to Missouri in a week, or a year. or um, ever? maybe.

I am excited for these new things to come..

Well, its time to go, Today we are going to build a pink space ship out of LEGOS! The joys of being a mommy :)

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