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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Move over Duggars!

Well, here I am... pregnant again.

I hear a lot from people about how we are crazy, or how we will have our hands full, or even one person said we were "ambitious".... Call it as you may- but we call it blessed. We are thrilled, and are so thankful about the fact that in 7 months we will have another precious, beautiful little baby in our home.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of a big family. No we dont want 10 kids, but 3 or 4 kids- that sounds like a lot of fun :) What I think is crazy, is waiting until my kids are in school before having another one. I LOVE them close together, it works for us. I LOVE the fact that I am still finishing my degrees, and that I will get to stay home with new baby for its first year of life. I LOVE the fact that Wes wont have to go on deployments for its first year of life. Quite frankly, the timing for our family couldnt have been much better.

Another reaction that I get a lot is "I HOPE ITS A BOY"... For those of you who have all the same gender children, you probably also heard this a lot. I'll be honest, I will probably smile at you when i hear that reaction, or say thanks, or something else, but what i'm thinking is this---

there is a baby in my tummy. God has already decided if that baby is a boy or a girl... I want THAT baby. Its gender is one of the least important things to me. I dont know, i guess when you are a mother you understand... I love that I was able to give Bryleigh something I always wanted, a sister. And you better believe if i am able to give both of my girls TWO best friends- how lucky will they be to have that?! So three girls, or two girls and a boy- whichever...

I dont know.... i guess to me when someone says they hope its a boy- I always think about people saying they hoped brooklynn was a boy. So the baby I had, is that not the one people hoped for? Because Brooklynn has been the sweetest, easiest, most adorable little girl I have ever known. So anyways, whichever gender I get will be the gender I want... because thats the baby I love :)

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  1. The timing does sound perfect! Well, you know I'm happy for y'all!!! I can't wait to convince hubby it's time for #3, and we don't even have #2 out of the womb yet! lol