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Monday, November 1, 2010

Long weekend..

I really enjoyed the last 3 days. Wes was actually home with us for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT!!! Crazy.. We are used to only getting 1 day a week with him, so that was a nice treat! We tried to use all the time we could just laughing and playing and having fun with our babies. We went "simming in de poo" as bryleigh calls it... She is such a water baby. The YMCA that is about 30 minutes away from us has this extremely nice indoor waterpark with a lazy river, slide, little beach for toddlers and everything! so much fun! Bryleigh loves that she can play in the beach part and not have to be held or in a float. She loves "splash splashing" and then swimming around the lazy river while i hold her hands and she kicks her feet as hard as she can.

Saturday night we went to a harvest party at some of wes' old friends that he grew up with house. There was a lot of food and a hay ride. Bryleigh loved the hay ride, Brooklynn however, didn't.... She cried, and cried, and cried... And just when i thought it was coming to an end, they said they were going to go for 20 more minutes. I thought I was going to cry. I do not like when my babies cry. Especially Brooklynn... Not because I love her any more than Bryleigh, she is just my easy baby... She does not cry...ever... Which is why I think we have such a hard time when she is upset. She is such an easy baby, that we never have to really soothe her from being so upset... Of course we give her snuggles and rock her and cuddle her every chance we get, but its rarely to try to calm her down... So when she is upset, shes really upset.. and she wants nothing lol. She just wants to cry. which like i said, is rare... like once a year.. lol

Then last night was of course, halloween... I didnt let wes see it, but i definitely shed a few tears when Bryleigh went up to her first house, knocked, and so proudly stuck her pumpkin bucket out for some candy... It was one of those bittersweet moments and I was such a proud mommy of my adorable little monkey. But it never failed that at every house we went to when i told the candy giver thankyou, Bryleigh loudly yelled "YOUR WELCOME!"

And there was the few times that when Bryleigh got to the persons door she was trying to give some of her candy to them... and she got very upset when the person at the door would not take her candy from her.... oh my child.. my sweet sweet girl.

I dont feel like putting up pictures, but I have some really cute ones to put up... Those can wait til tomorrow... I'm going night night!

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