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Monday, May 3, 2010

Double Trouble

Well, both girls had to get shots today. Thats the beauty if them being 12 months apart, they are pretty much on the same shot schedule for right now. Brooklynn had her 4 month shots, and Bryleigh her 15 month shots. (shes really 16 months, but oh well)

We first talked about Bryleigh. She is now 22.5 lbs. I thought she was a little chunk, but apparently shes in the 50 percentile for weight, so the dr was very happy with that. Shes perfect :)
She is ear infection free, but we did talk about her constant yeast infections. She pretty much has had an ongoing yeast infection since birth. We have been given SEVERAL prescriptions and it goes away for a few days, and comes right back. The dr wants us to stop using wipes all together. She thinks its something in the wipes. Which we have switched to the most sensitive ones, all cloth wipes we can find. So now we will switch to just water and cloths with her. She thinks this is going to be something Bryleigh struggles with until she is out of diapers. Bryleigh told her thankyou when she handed her a book. She also said Hey to her when she walked in the door, and a few other things throughout the visit. Like all done when she got her shots, while she was crying lol. The dr said that bryleigh was extremely smart, and couldnt believe how well she could piece together words and phrases. It is such a wonderful feeling when someone compliments your baby. Makes you feel so proud as a parent.

And then she started asking questions about Brooklynn. She did say how calm and happy Brooklynn was. She said that her lack of being interested in toys right now is probably just the fact that she is so chill she just likes to lay and stare. She pointed out that she "can" reach for things, she just "chooses" not to. So i shouldnt worry. She said some babies are just very good content babies, and it doesnt take much to entertain them. Brooklynn is right where she should be developmentally, scooting along the floor, and rolling etc. She told us that we could go ahead and start rice cereal, but i told her i didnt think brooklynn was ready for that yet. I am more of a child led parent, and i believe she will show signs of being ready for the next stage before i should just give it to her. She is getting all the nutrition she needs through her formula right now, so we arent going to move to that stage just yet. I dont need to give her cereal at night to help her sleep longer, because she already sleeps long enough. She doesnt act like she is hungry beyond her normal feedings, so i just dont find it necessary yet. The dr agreed, and thought that was great. She said its perfectly fine to skip the cereal stage altogether, as long as we start vegetable solids by 7 months. Which is fine with us, we plan to start those at her 1/2 birthday :)

Anyways, my babies are healthy, happy and smart. Theres not much more i could ask for.

did i mention that we have the best pediatrician ever. She sat in there with us for 30 minutes talking, playing, and just being interested in what we had to say. She doesnt rush us or make us feel stupid, and she always talks about how her crazy kids did those silly things that bryleigh does to. She talks to us like she is our friend, and we appreciate that :)

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