I make babies, whats your superpower?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lately I have been having a struggle with Bryleigh. Ever since we got back from our trip, she has been acting different. She has been fussy, angry, and aggressive. This is not the baby girl that i left before our trip to california. We have done a great job getting back on schedule, but when she is awake she is acting like a terror. I wish she could put into words whatever it is that is bothering her. I hate feeling like I constantly have to tell her No-no, or be nice.

This morning she kicked brooklynn twice, hit her twice, and wacked her on the head with a book. I have made it very clear to Bryleigh that this behavior is not okay. She will look me in the eyes, and at the same time very carefully put her foot over brooklynns head, and try to step down. I of course am able to get to her and stop her most of the time before she does this, but none the less, she still tries. None of my tactics were working today so finally i put her in her crib for a little while after one of her incidents so I could feed Brooklynn a bottle. When i got done, i got bryleigh up from her "time out" and she acted perfectly fine, like a little angel. I think the jealousy is really starting towards Brooklynn. She has never had a problem with this until now. I try everyday to make sure i am spending a plenty of one on one time with Bryleigh, but even when I am just focusing my attention to her, she will find brooklynn and try to hit her, or bite her, or kick her. Whether I am staring at her or not, she doesnt care. I am assuming she is testing her bounderies, over and over, and over again. I try to redirect her, but she is always a woman on a mission. She is very determined, and whatever it is she is trying to do, she WILL go do it once she has made it a goal. Ho hum. Bryleigh has been a very strong willed child since birth, and i know this is only the beginning. I tell her how good she is being, and praise her often. I try to make sure I am praising her more than the negative words like "no mam", or "thats not nice". I let her touch brooklynn, and show her how to be gentle. She tells her sister "nigh nigh Dookynn" every night and gives her a kiss. I know she can be a gentle, loving, sweet little girl.

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