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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


wow was that a fun, fast, exciting 5 days i just had.

When we had Bryleigh, as all parents know, our alone time came to a sudden end. And even though Bryleigh and Brooklynn are the most important things in our lives, we decided to make it a tradition to take a trip just the two of us every year even if it is only a weekend getaway.. I think that time together is really important. We decided that we would have this getaway the weekend of our anniversary each year. The first year we went to branson missouri for 2 nights. That was an awesome trip. All i remember about that trip was getting the chance to sleep. Because for those oof you that knew bryleigh as a baby, sleep wasnt something she did often. Crying, that was her thing. lol. (She had EXTREME colic until 6 months). So we slept for pretty much 2 days. That was nice. This trip was way different. WAY DIFFERENT..

This year we decided to spend 3 nights in los angeles. I had always wanted to go there, so this really was a dream come true. We got up at 4am saturday morning, and the plane left at 6. We got to LA by 9am, so we had the whole day! We started out by going to the farmers market, then to beverly hills to do some sight seeing/shopping/ eating.

As soon as we finished that, we checked in to our hotel, and left right away and headed to the santa monica pier. We rode these awesome low mini bike things all around the pier. Then we rode all the carnival rides. That night we ate dinner at a famous hot dog joint called Pinks hot dogs in beverly hills. Apparently all the celebs go there. We pretty much stood in line for an hour for a hot dog that wasnt that great lol. After that we went to sleep, because we had been up since 2 am LA time.

The next day we got up really early and left for San Diego. We went to ride go carts first, which was sooo much fun. I have had to watch on the side lines foro the last 2 years due to pregnancy, so it was awesome to be able to actually get in on the action! After go carts we went to a huge water park. They had some of the nicest water rides i had ever seen. We had a lot of fun there. Then we went and had sushi, and checked out the navy base, and looked at some houses in the san diego area for the future. We found one we really liked, so we got the flier there and it was 1.8 million dollars... well, thats not going to work out. lol. After all that, we headed back for the night.

Monday was our packed day! We got up bright and early and headed to Universal studios hollywood. We rode rides, took the studio tour and had a really good time. We were there for 4 hours then had to go to the WB set tour that we had reservations for. I got to walk through the sets of Friends, two and a half men, the mentalist, Ellen, and many others. That might have been my favorite part of the trip, not sure, there were many good times.

next we went straight to six flags. WOW. There is a new ride there, a prototype rollercoaster. The first one ofo its kind. It was 5 dimensional, and flipped and turned all different ways, like literally. If you start off in the front row, you will be in the back row within a second. you go backwards, spin on the track, flip, etc, all in one ride. not only do the loops flip you over, but the "cart" itself flips over on the track. It had a 90 degree drop, and i have never in my life screamed on a ride out of fear, until then. I loved it. Six flags magic mountain had the best roller coasters i had ever seen, and im soo glad we packed this day so full and were able to go.

Tuesday we walked around hollywood blvd looking at the walk of fame, and also visited the hollywood sign. Our flight out of LA was delayed, and it caused us to miss our connecting flight out ofo dallas. I was soooo sad. I just wanted to hold my babies soooo bad that i cried. Although the staff at american airlines was ridiculously rude to everyone on the flight, they did provide us with hotel accomodations and dinner/breakfast vouchers. We got in at 9 this morning, and i was soo thrilled to see my girls.

Now they are sleeping, and that is where i am going.

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