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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Brookie Monster

My beautiful, sweet, cuddly baby girl turned 6 months old yesterday. She still has one of the most calm, easy going temperments I have ever seen in a baby. She is learning something new everyday it seems. She has really mastered the art of picking things up with more her thumb and pointer finger, and passes an object from hand to hand really well. She sits up with no support at all for several minutes before toppling over, (Poor girl has a big head, it weighs her down lol). She loves to look at people and socialize. Everyone is funny according to Brooklynn. She smiles at any stranger she sees.

There are several things that Brooklynn is not doing that Bryleigh could do at much earlier stages. I find myself thinking about this more than I should. Not so much worrying, just unfortunately comparing. All babies are different. I know. But sometimes, when it comes to YOUR baby, you worry. You forget to relax, be patient, and trust. Brooklynn will NOT do tummy time. I do tummy time everyday since she was born, and everyday she screams. It is the only thing that really upsets her. Now that she has mastered rolling over, when i put her on tummy time she immediately, and i mean immediately rolls to her back. I have learned new techniques to keep her on tummy time. Such as rolling her on a big ball, etc... At this age Bryleigh was able to get on all fours, or crawl position. Brooklynn could care less about crawling. Oh well, all in her own time! There are so many things that she does that bryleigh did not do however. Brooklynn goes to sleep foro naps without screaming for an hour. She sleeps great, cuddles, smiles and laughs everyday. She has been exceptionally easy, and I would not trade her for the world!!!!!! I would take the ease of Brooklynn over those simple milestones early any day! I wouldnt trade Bryleigh in for anything either obviously lol. I guess I have the best of both worlds! I have decided that brooklynn is just lazy and content, and will move when she decides shes bored enough. She does reach foro everything, and if she cant get it, she rolls to it. So maybe she will just be a roller.

We are starting solids officially tomorrow. The same day we will be starting "potty training with bob 101" for mommy. This is going to be interesting for me and bryleigh. I've never potty trained so much as a puppy much less a child. This could probably make for good entertainment.

Well all my rambling you could probably tell I havent had much sleep. So goodnight

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