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Sunday, March 28, 2010

church hunt.

So weve been here for almost a year and we havent been able to find a church yet. This is an extremely big mormon area.. lots of different branches of mormon churches out here. The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints restoration branch, etc... I feel like there is one on every corner. Theres even this huge center, and this really big plot of grass where supposedly God is supposed to return to when he comes back. (I think thats what they believe that is what Wes says).. well anyways. I have nothing against them, its just not my beliefs or anything i have ever read or been taught.

Well i was researching some of the church of christ churches out here, and a few of them follow the book of mormon. So immediately i have those off my list in "the hunt"..

And then we found one.. I just knew it was THE ONE.. i was so excited... It even had a softball field behind it.. so i knew that meant they probably would have a team. Looked so nice and prestine from the outside.. I looked forward to sunday the entire week. I get up bright and early, dress the girls SO cute in their sunday dresses and we headed out. When we got there we were immediately greeted by a young couple before we even walked in the door.. They had 3 small children, and she was pregnant, so i thought to myself "GREAT!! I BET THEY HAVE A GREAT KIDS PROGRAM!!"
I asked the mother which way was the nursery.. and she looked at me kinda puzzled and she said.. the kids all sit out with the families.. hmm.. well with bryleigh and brooklynn who was about 3 weeks old at the time.. this should be interesting...
So we walked in to the main area and she showed me this room, and said "this is the cry room, so if your baby starts to cry you go in there"...
well to make a long story short, i hardly heard any of the sermon due to all the kids sitting out, bryleigh was very busy and couldnt stand having to sit still for an hour, and it was non-instrumental. Not "the one"... :(
So anyways, i have researched all the church of christs in the area, and there is one left that we havent gone to which we will be trying out Sunday... I really hope this is it. I've never had such a hard time before trying to find a church. I understand the concept of all the kids sitting with their families at church, but when kids are as small as mine, i cannot pay attention. My attention span is small enough as it is.

I feel like i am being too picky when it comes to a church. I would really like to find one that has communion every sunday, a new testament church, and has a good kids program/nursery. I can live without instruments, but not a nursery.


  1. Dear Young Mommy,

    I happened upon your blog and enjoyed reading your thoughts about your search for a church. Please don't discount the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). I have belonged to this wonderful church all my life. It is the same church that Jesus organized when he lived on the earth and has been restored in these latter days (thus the name).

    Because it is the only church with God's priesthood authority, families can be sealed together eternally in a temple of God.

    If you really want to know what the "Mormons" believe, go to www.mormon.org. You will feel the spirit of our Heavenly Father as you learn about His church on this site.

    I can feel the love you have for your little girls. I have a wonderful husband and four beautiful daughters who are now grown and married with families of their own. I am so thankful we have the knowledge that we will always be together as a family, even beyond death.

    God bless you in your search for truth.


  2. Wow thats weird gmrice bc i thought Jesus was the High Priest over his church and that all Christians are priests? Well i mean that is if you listen to the Bible and all.
    Its also really weird bc ive read the book of Mormon and i listened to Moroni chapter 10 and when i prayed with all my heart God told me the Book of Mormon was a lie!!!!