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Saturday, March 27, 2010

On the Menu

I love to cook. I spend a lot of time thinking about what i wanna cook, searching recipes, and learning new things when it comes to cooking. Helps pass the time when babies are napping, and i find cooking to be very relaxing for me. Lucky for me, i married a man who will eat anything. Besides tomatoes, he will literally eat anything. Bryleigh on the other hand is a different story. Everyone with a toddler knows the "joys" of feeding them. My baby who used to eat anything like her daddy, now wont even look at a carrot or brocolli.. She will eat green beans for every meal, with a big smile though, so thats good i guess. As a matter of fact, im pretty sure bryleigh gets green beans and applesauce daily lol. Whatever i have cooked for dinner we always try really hard to get her to eat, but somedays it just wont happen. Anyways, on Saturdays i like to plan out the meals for the next week, and i go grocery shopping to get the things we dont have already for those meals... So heres whats on the menu for the Kastners this week:

Sunday- Spicy teriyaki chicken stir fry over rice. We love rice, we eat rice way too much. We have switched to brown rice though it is better for you than white rice.

Monday- my homemade meatballs on top of spaghetti. We eat spaghetti a lot too.. its been my favorite meal since i can remember. i used to tell my mom that if she fixed it, i would eat 12 bowls. And as for meatballs, sometimes we just have meatballs by themselves. love those too :)

Tuesday- Taco bowls with guac-a-salsa salad.. this is a recipe i got from rachael ray.. its one of our favorites.

Wednesday- Chicken wing night- we have wing night about once a month. We try to create a different marinade for them each time we have them.

Thursday- this is the night we typically go out for dinner. If we dont go out, we eat leftovers. its my "day off"

Friday- Vegetable Beef Stew. or as wes calls it "vegetable beast stew".. something he got from how the grinch stole christmas. I love love love love love my crockpot. We use the crockpot very often. I love being able to put something in first thing in the morning, or oeven the night before and being able to smell it all day.. num num..

Saturdays are kinda fin for yourself day.

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