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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Travels

Wow, what a long week we just had. The last 9 days we spent on a vacation. We decided to drive to virginia with the babies. We thought it would be easier to have our own car there. Easier on us, is not always whats easier on the babies. The gps said we spent a total of 59 hours in the car in the last 9 days. 59 hours. That is way too long!! i felt so bad for my babies. However, i do think they were better than i could have ever imagined on that trip. Brooklynn only cried for maybe 5 minutes of the entire 59 hours, and bryleigh's fussing was very minimal. She only fussed when the dvd player froze. So i am soooo thankful for that.

I had a great time at home. I missed everyone so much. I forgot what it was like to have people to make plans with, friends, family etc. It felt great. It was an excellent "pick-me-up" for me. (i think wes had fun too) lol

Anyways, I have a lot that ive been wanting to write about on here, its just hard to find the time with a 14 month old and a 2 month old.

Its 9pm on a Friday, and we are about to go to bed lol. am i old or what!!!

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