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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

things to come

bryleigh has all the sudden come up with this fear of the bathtub. when we run the water she immediately screams, even if it isnt for her... that oddball.. just like her momma!! hah

Tomorrow is my big day.. im getting my lovely root canal. *for this i am not thrilled.. for the break and the kiddos going to the babysitter for the day, i am excited... i love love love my babies, but itll be my first time without them in i cant even remember how long. so i am excited for my alone time.

I am loving, LOVING this pretty weather.. It did just start today, but it is so exciting because i know it is a start to something new.. Its a start to park visits, outside play, long walks, gardens growing, swimming, and everything great. It was soooo ogreat not having to put coats on the girls, or blankets all over brooklynn when we left today, AND i got to wear flip flops.. love it love it love it.

and finally the last thought i have for the night is this.... My best friend in the entire world, Cecily will be coming here in May. No, i will not get to see her because she will be in boot camp for the army. She has been my "person", my best friend in the entire world since we met in the nursery at church when she was 2 weeks old or so. We have been through EVERYTHING together, and so the fact that she is coming out here brings me peace. She will graduate from boot camp the beginning of July, and i will be in the front row at her graduation. And then she gets to go to school for her army job in missouri also.. and during that time i will get to see her every weekend. This summer might actually be okay. My missouri friends list will move from 1, to 2 people. CRAZY! lol. such happy times to come.

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  1. thats so cool your friend gets to come, even tho you won't see her til later. there is nothing like the bond between best friends! :)