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Saturday, April 10, 2010


25.94 cents is how much i spent at the grocery store tonight. I did a great job. I planned my meals, found my coupons and deals, and went on my mission. The meal plan for the week is as follows:

Sunday- We will be at the Royals/Redsox baseball game and will be eating baseball food! Bryleigh will be having leftover chicken alfredo with brocolli, one of her favorites.

Monday- Stuffed shells. We are very picky about our ground beef. We only get 90/10 groundbeef because it has less fat content. I was able to find it on sale at Hy-vee for 5.97 for 3 lbs.. thats really really really good.. My stuffed shells include ground beef, different cheeses, onions, spinach, green peppers and a couple of other ingredients i throw in as i am cooking. Yes, we eat a lot of noodles in this house.

Tuesday- chicken legs, baby carrots, brown rice. i love chicken legs. i always try to create a different marinade for them and let them marinade over night before cooking them. We dont have them often, but they are definitely a family favorite because they are so cheap, and tastey

Wednesday- Shrimp kabobs on the grill. Shrimp, squash, broccoli, and whatever else i decide to throw on there. We will have this with a rice pilaf. I found a great 2 lb bag of shrimp at walmart for 10 bucks last week. Just had to get the veggies and the rice.

Thursday- stuffed chicken breasts on the grill. These will be stuffed with green peppers, mushrooms, monteray jack cheese, and wrapped in bacon. I've never tried these before. We already had the bacon, mushrooms and green peppers. So for this one i just picked up some chicken breasts. We will also have a salad with rasberry vinigarette dressing, and some mashed potatoes.

Friday- Hamburgers on the grill. Will use the remaining ground beef from the 90/10 groundbeef i found on sale. Corn on the cob on the grill with this and a pasta salad.

Saturday- buy one get one free at HY-VEE. Got a coupon for buy one pint of chinese food, get one free. num num :)

Well that rounds out the week.. So proud that i was able to get everything we need for the week for 25.94. Hopefully we can stick to this budget. It was fun actually going through the grocery store adding things up to make sure i didnt spend too much. Usually i just find whats on sale and throw it in the cart without caring what my total has really reached, just making sure i save money on buying the sale items. Well thats all for now.. time to work on my flower bed!

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