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Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools day equals babies

April fools days have become kinda a joke at our house.. I guess thats what they are.. jokes.. Well in our case april fools day for the last two years brought about something other than a big joke. 2 years ago, April 1st 2008.. i remember it very clearly.. I was sitting there in a training meeting at the corporate office for dollar tree. I loved my job, i loved everything i had going for me. I was the youngest person in the huge company, money was great.. life was just fun. In my training meeting, i started to get bored.. Wes and i wouldl email back and forth while i was at work. We werent married, just kind of dating. We were more like best friends who went on dates i guess? We never really established our relationship.. Just werent with anyone else I guess. I loved him. I wouldnt say I loved him nearly as much as now, but i loved him. We had been best friends for 4 years. Inseperable to say the least when his ship wasnt out to sea. Anyways, i decided to play a little trick on him.. I emailed him telling him i was pregnant. He was very positive and nice about it.. I was shocked that he bought it. He told me later that he was standing in the line to get lunch and realized it was april fools day.. I laughed.. and that was that. .. Four weeks later, i found out i was four weeks pregnant. Clearly not a good april fools day joke. However, the best gift I have ever been given. The day i found out i was pregnant with Bryleigh it was a sunday. I went to the dollar tree to get paper plates for some random reason i dont remember, and i saw pregnancy tests. I thought how odd it was that they sold pregnancy tests for only a dollar, and thought it would be a fun expirement to take one. Knowing that i was not pregnant, i peed on the stick and didnt even look at it for an hour or so.. I actually forgot i even took the test and got side tracked doing something else. What a shocker when i saw those two lines. I just figured it was a cheap test so it wasnt real. I called wes, he laughed and we went and bought more tests. 7 positive tests later.. and we started to get the point. We decided that day to get married. It wasnt really a question. We were best friends, we enjoyed each others company, so we decided that would be the best option for us. We planned our wedding for about 4 weeks from that day. We spent those 4 weeks really falling in love with each other. We already had a great bond of being such great friends, so the marriage really came easy to us. We took lots of trips and spent a ton of time together up until the time Bryleigh was born. I am so thankful for that time. During that time we became so close.. not only as best friends but as husband and wife. We loved each other so much and i felt like the luckiest woman in the world. When Bryleigh was born, i would look at her and cry with happiness. I would tell her how thankful i was for her, for what she gave me. Still to this day i look at her and hold her and think about how that little girl saved my life..

The next year was a little different. I jokingly told wes i was pregnant again on april 1st of 2009.. i told him that in an obvious joking way and we both laughed. May 14th I went to the doctor for pain in my lower abdomen. I get cysts or USED TO pre-bryleigh get cysts pretty often. I have even had surgery on one cyst that ruptured, so i just figured i had another cyst. We did a pregnancy test to make sure i wasnt pregnant, just incase, and it was negative. Had an ultrasound and couldnt see a cyst. Did blood work and then i was on my way. The very next day i had my wisdom teeth removed, and before that i went to the amusement park and we got to ride some rollercoasters. The nurse called that afternoon to tell me my blood work came back and i was pregnant again. UGH!!! what a funny day that was. Wes laughed again, and now we have baby Brooklynn Mackynzie. Im not sure there is a more calm, content, sweet baby.

Anyways, thats my big long april fools day story... Needless to say, this year there was NO mention of a baby on april fools day. None at all. I have the mirena so if i get pregnant on this thing then well God wants me to be the next Michelle Duggar.

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