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Saturday, April 10, 2010

the challenge

So i saw on Teri Woolards blog a link to a blog called "30 dollar grocery challenge".. i looked around at that blog, and saw some deals and store specials linked.. Didnt do much more digging than the first page.. But i thought, and that sounded like something fun to do.. Wes and i are always looking for deals. We find stuff on sale, buy it while its on sale, and stock up on things we can use in the future while they are on sale. We love saving money.. I guess you could say its a hobby. We buy used, slightly damaged, etc on all of our house remodels. We buy in bulk and dont pay sales tax by going to the commissary when it comes to groceries. So i thought it would be a fun idea for us while planning out our meals for the week, try to see if we can live under 30 dollars worth of groceries for the month. Obviously that doesnt include brooklynns formula, but everything else. I am excited about this. Maybe this is something we could strive for each week. That would be a lot of money saved.
I will be typing up a blog entry later on the meals we decided on for the week, the coupons i was able to find, and how much total we ended up spending.

I'm excited. Thanks for the idea teri's link!

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