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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i have to get better because.....

This weekend i have a lot of plans. I am excited about my weekend.. and i will get better by then... I am the little engine that can...

So friday, or Saturday there is a huge kids consignment sale setting up in kansas city. Its outside on a soccer field, and me and cheyanne are pretty excited about it. I love those sales. Everyone comes together and sells their used/slightly used and sometimes even new stuff for pretty good prices. And then on the last day of the sale everything is marked half off. So we are going hopefully Friday, depending on how i feel.. and if i see stuff that i really want that will be marked down on sunday, cheyanne is going back that day and ill send her with money so she can grab it for me :) My day sunday is packed, so i wont be able to go that day. As a matter of fact, she will have Bryleigh for a couple hours.

Sunday is supposed to be a really really exciting day. At 1pm the redsox are playing the royals. and i have 4th row seats. 4th row seats, right beside the redsox's dugout. I am a yankees fan through and through, but the redsox have some great players, and i am a baseball fan. All of baseball. The good players are the good players, and i love seeing the good players play :)

Sunday night is our first church softball games of the season. Its going to take a lot for me to be up to playing, but the doctor told me i should be fully recovered in a week from when it started, which was last sunday. So if i am better, i will play. I will obviously not put full effort in, but if im better i will play. games are at 8 and 9. im pretty stoked.

I am feeling a little better if you cant tell. Wes brought home my tylenol 3, and i believe he upped the dose because he wrote it for me to only take 1 every 6 hours, as opposed to 2 lortabs. But the lortabs were only 5mg, the tylenol 3's i believe are stronger. It kicked in pretty soon after i took it, temp went all the way back down to 98.5, and im only in slight pain. So im pretty happy. I even got to eat a little dinner. Now im just waiting for the initial "hyper" to go away. For some reason pain killers give me a load of energy when i first take them. maybe thats normal?

Well i have only slept 5 hours in the last 3 days. I am exhausted so i really am hoping for good sleep tonight.

Thanks again everyone for all the prayers. It means a lot to know people care about little old me.

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