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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleepy girl..

Okay i want some feedback moms out there...

Bryleigh has been in this rut.. maybe not a rut.. maybe its perfectly fine. I know with kids her age and younger there is a wide range of normal, but i feel like this is a bit excessive. Well.. my kid likes to sleep.. a lot. She rarely fusses when its night night time, and when she falls asleep, she sleeps, and sleeps, and sleeps. On an average night, she goes to bed at 9pm. We keep this late bedtime due to the fact that her daddy works 12 hour days, so if he is going to get to see her, it has to be after 8pm. Well she goes to bed at 9pm, and doesnt wake up until 11 on most days. 11!!!!!!! Somedays, it will be noon and finally i will go in there and wake her up. THATS 15 HOURS OF SLEEP!!!! 3 hours after she wakes up.. around 3 or so, she is ready for another nap. and that lasts 3 hours. MY CHILD IS SLEEPING 18 hours a day!!! thats nuts to me. She is developing right on track if not advanced according to me lol, shes smart, engages with us very well, eats well, etc.. I am concerned. I thought at first maybe it was a growth spurt, but its lasted a long time..

any opinions would be great :)

last time i talked to the pediatrician about this, she said "most other parents would be happy to have your "problem"." very sarcastically lol. im going to talk to her about it again next visit.


  1. I don't have advice. I just comment. :)

    Ariel sleeps well too...not as well as Bryleigh, but still. She goes to sleep most days around 8:30 and gets up around 9 am then naps around 2 for three hours. It's been this way for the last 6 months or so. She seems to be cutting back though. Lately, she lays down really well (wants to go to bed), but doesn't actually go to sleep for 45 minutes or so. We just hear her talking to herself very contentedly. She's waking a little earlier too, but still content to lay in her bed until 9. Very recently, she's been cutting back in the nap too. A few times a week she'll wake after 2 hours instead of 3. There are the occasional mornings when she'll sleep till 10 and I'll wake her cause it just doesn't seem right...

    She's healthy. Maybe Bryleigh is getting closer to working up to less sleep too?? Who knows.

  2. As long as she's developing according to age, I would think she's fine. You could always ask about getting some endocrine tests done (through blood work) just to make sure there's nothing going on that may need adjusting. Once Cam learned how to sleep (it took a while), he'd always take super long naps and sleep 9-10 hrs a night. Sometimes his naps would last 4hrs or so. Sometimes they sleep more b/c they're about to have a growth spurt. If you ask your doctor again and they get sarcastic, just let them know this is a serious concern and you need to know if it's normal. I love reading about your babies! You sound like you are doing so well and have become an amazing mommy! Makes me feel a little old, considering I was your JC at camp, and you and my brother were friends:)