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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm not getting very good feedback on my blog. I'm not really sure if i even have people reading my blog lol. oh well. its a good memory keeper!

Today was another hard one. I know thats normal with what i have and to be expected, but today was harder than it shouldve been. I found out that all my pain is NOT normal. They told me at the hospital today that i probably have a leak in my cerebrospinal fluid because it didnt seal correctly. So i got a whole bunch of meds and if the "front headache" , (i have two headaches, one in the front, and one in the back) well if the front headache returns, then i have to get a spinal patch. Which means they have to go back in my spine, and clot it with my own blood. ugh. yucky. Well anyways, needless to say, i left the hospital, and the front headache came right back. pretty much immediately. im so hoping it just goes away, but the dr was pretty sure id need the spinal patch. but she assured me id be much better almost instantly. that brings me peace of mind.

I love my family. I have missed my kids terribly. I had my break, i wanted a break, but i didnt want this big of a break. i wanted like, a nap at most. lol. i have been hugging bryleigh every chance i get i have missed her so much.. one more day probably, and i will be back with her every minute again. her and my precious brooklynn.

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